Meet the ProfitMarcus Lemonis

Buy Your Ticket to ICON for a Chance to Meet The Profit


Marcus Lemonis is a successful entrepreneur and star of CNBC’s The Profit and The Partner.


Day 3 of ICON17 (April 27).


This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet The Profit in a one-on-one setting matters because you:

  • Value advice from someone who’s been in your shoes.
  • Understand that access to expert knowledge is golden.
  • Need a reputable outside perspective to address your business challenges.
  • Have a deep-seated desire to succeed.


One ICON17 attendee will win a consultation with Marcus.


On-site at ICON17.


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“Stay focused, work hard, know your numbers, and be disciplined. If you do those things and take care of your people, the likelihood of being successful is very, very high.”

—Marcus Lemonis