Convince My Boss

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Attend ICON

Those who have attended ICON will tell you – it’s a smart decision to attend. But maybe you’re not the decision maker in your business. Maybe it’s your boss who calls the shot on whether you (and the business) can afford to have you out for 4 days. As you ready yourself to ask if you can attend ICON17, let us prepare you with some powerful soundbites to arm your ask with solid return on investment.

First, you must know and be able to tell your boss why ICON17 is worth the time and money.

Our top five reasons include:
  • You’ll know what to focus on. ICON17 will connect you with meaningful strategies, not just that you could be using, but that you should be using. You’ll return this year knowing the data, the trends, and the campaigns that are making things happen in today’s business landscape.
  • Ever waste time implementing a strategy that is, at best, a good guess? You’ll be able to stop wasting time and come home from ICON knowing what is actually working in your vertical.
  • Get new campaigns that just work. Infusionsoft’s new action plans are easy to implement and get results. Show your boss that you have them in place before you leave ICON and the trip can pay for itself in business growth.
  • The right people in the right place. That is the power of ICON’s networking - it gets results. One connection can transform a business. We’ve seen it time and again.
  • Implementation Series. You’re coming to ICON anyway, take the day before the conference to do a deep dive into a specialty subject. Spend ICON making distinctions on how to perfect the strategy you’ve learned.

So how do you have this conversation and get a “Yes!” to ICON17?

We always say that the person with the most certainty wins. That means you have to know what you’re talking about before you begin talking about it.
  • Know your data. Time. Costs. Return on investment. Data speaks volume, and even if you think the numbers aren’t in your favor, knowing them will do more for your conversation than not knowing them. Determine the exact costs of attending in both time and resources so that you can communicate with confidence and clarity. In addition, know what can be written off as a business expense. Lastly, calculate what you can implement and how quickly you can gain back your investment, and then some.
  • Know your why. What is the biggest need your business has right now? Frame to yourself how ICON can contribute to, or even solve that need. This can become a powerful why in your conversation to attend ICON. Once you know this, you’ll have an easier time communicating this to your boss.
  • Know when to ask. Is there a price change coming up? Has a new speaker or topic been added to the ICON agenda? Is there a regular one on one meeting that you and your boss connect at? Time your request so that you have focus and attention to give your boss all the information they need to make a resounding positive decision for you to attend.
  • Give them a one sheet on your attending ICON with the who, what, when, where, why, and how. There’s something about a neatly packaged proposal that makes it irresistible. If you take the time to place all the relevant information your boss will need to make the decision right then and there, you’ll find it pays off. Anticipate questions and put yourself in your boss’ shoes so they feel you’re thinking this through as an intelligent request. Because that’s exactly what it is.
  • Nowhere on earth can you be in proximity to so many brilliant entrepreneurial minds saving time and growing sales. ICON is where small business success comes together. Make sure your boss knows what a smart decision they are making in having you attend. See you at ICON17!
  • Download a template that can help you make your request to your boss to attend ICON