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Why did Infusionsoft choose The Westin Kierland Resort instead of the Convention Center?

ICON attendees know that one of the best features of ICON is the networking.  We found that we were not providing the best possible networking experience and learning environment for ICON attendees.  We heard attendees say that the Phoenix Convention Center was too big, it took too long to get places, and the food could be a lot better.  So, in the spirit of listening to your feedback, we're changing the venue to provide you with a better overall ICON experience.  One that will be more connected and more transformational for your business. 

Why did you change the dates of ICON 2018?

We heard your feedback to help provide you with a more small business friendly experience.  Often times ICON has competed for our attendees' attention due to spring break, religious holidays, and other competing events that drove pricing into unfriendly territory.  We believe June can provide a more family friendly experience at a more reasonable price and at a more beautiful location.

I have already purchased my ICON 2018 ticket and unfortunately cannot attend on this date.

We made every effort to announce ICON's change as early as possible to prevent travel from being booked ahead of time. If you find that you feel you are deserving of renumeration for your change in travel plans, please contact ICON@infusionsoft.com with the following information:  


  1. Your ICON receipt or confirmation number
  2. An image of your flight receipt and itinerary
  3. The dollar amount of your change fee to alter your flight

ICON will consider each case individually.  Renumeration for changes in travel plans will be accommodated as a credit refunded to your ICON ticket and will not exceed the price paid for the ticket.  

What if I've already booked my hotel stay?

If your accommodations were booked at any of our ICON group hotels, you should qualify for a full cancellation without penalty.  We are unable to renumerate non-refundable hotel rooms booked outside of our negotiated room blocks.  If you have questions on this, please e-mail ICON@infusionsoft.com

Will this change cost me more to attend?

ICON18 will be more affordable to attend in many ways.  Our room rates are $50+ less expensive than our downtown Phoenix hotel options.  In addition, the flights to Phoenix are more affordable in June.

How will ICON be better at the Kierland?

Enrollment will be capped at 3,000 people, so ICON will be a smaller experience with more time and space for you to connect with other users, customers, business owners, and small business marketers.  They say proximity is power.  We're building proximity into the program by taking over a beautiful resort, at better prices, with programming throughout the day and night for you to build an experience tailored to your individual needs.

I don't know my confirmation number, how do I check to see if I have an ICON ticket?

Go to http://www.cvent.com/d/w5q08d/4W.  Click on "Already Registered".  You will be able to get your confirmation number sent to you on this page. You can also email ICON@infusionsoft.com with registration questions.