About ICON

ICON is small business success in real time.

ICON places you at the center of the single largest community of small business owners and marketers from around the world. It’s not just education. It’s progress. It’s not just connections. It’s transformation.

April 25 – April 27 2017 • Phoenix, Arizona

It’s more than a conference – it’s a small business success community.

3 Days

of Business Progress

Big Time Goal Setting
Campaign Launching
Idea Implementation
Unrivaled Networking


Entrepreneurs, Experts, First-Timers, Partners, Admins, Developers, Marketers and Founders

0 Whiners

that are satisfied with status quo, too busy to invest in growth, who think they have nothing left to learn


Educational sessions designed for action and real-world impact


Insightful, Energizing, No BS Keynotes

3 Conference Hotels

Rest and respite steps away from ICON17

Hyatt Regency
Sheraton Downtown Phoenix
The Renaissance

The one small business event you can't afford to miss.

ICON gathers amazing, brilliant minds in the biggest mastermind you've ever seen. ICON is for the hungry – the relentless, tenacious go-getters with a reckless belief in what's possible, what's just around the corner.

Insight + Clarity = Confidence

Discover the why and then get moving with expert recommendations, action plans and ideas to implement with confidence on the right thing to do next – right now, immediately, before you’re on the plane home!

How-Tos that Get Done

Level up your skills to level up your strategy so your life is easier, you're more connected with your customers – all easier than ever before.

Goal-fueled Plans

Nobody needs another pipe dream. At ICON you’ll define goals by stretching your thinking in every direction, bigger than ever before – and with a plan in hand to actually make it happen.

Big Names, Big Value

Get connected to experts, expertise, and explanations that shake you up and rekindle your passion for your business.

I come to ICON for… the energy, the knowledge and networking – networking with other people who are using Infusionsoft, selling Infusionsoft, working in Infusionsoft. And I always come out of it with new ideas and new information that you can’t wait to rush home and get implemented.

–Jennifer Neal, CEO of Formula Done

It is so important for entrepreneurs to get that extra competitive advantage. And that's what ICON does; that's what Infusionsoft does.

–Dr. Vernet A. Joseph Founder of Live to Produce Enterprises


The Phoenix Convention Center is the ultimate meeting ground for small businesses. It’s located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, walking distance from locally owned shops, coffee spots, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, sports events and theater venues.

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