Implementation Lab

Implementation Lab Series

Our Pre-ICON Implementation Series is new for 2017. Each is designed for the needs of a different type of Infusionsoft user, business leader, marketer, or partner.

During these ½ day and full day workshop options you’ll walk away with something new implemented into your app, your business, or your marketing strategy. These are true GSD (Get Success Done) sessions for those that don’t mess around.

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Kickstart Lab

New to ICON? Are you a solo-preneur (Stage 1) or repping a 7 figure company (Stage 4) who is new to Infusionsoft? Maybe you’ve never published a campaign and need the confidence to do it.

We’ve got you covered.

Our Pre-ICON Kickstart Implementation Lab shows you what it takes to get started on the right foot (and feel great about it). A strong Kickstart foundation is the best way for new Infusionsoft clients to benefit from their first ICON experience.


½ Day – Morning Session

  • Get inside Infusionsoft’s tools for organizing your database, growing it, and automating your marketing.
  • Hear advice on ICON17 breakouts to attend for optimizing your first year with Infusionsoft.
  • Network with (and hear from) other small business owners and employees about how they use Infusionsoft to grow their business.
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Content Marketing Strategy Lab

Ever ask yourself, “How do I get through to my customers?” We feel your pain. Thankfully we’ve executed successful strategies to increase traffic and subscriptions…and we want to share our expertise with you at our Content Marketing Strategy Implementation Lab!

Specifically, we’ll help you:

  • Learn and develop engaging content topics that can generate leads for your funnel.
  • Define your key audience categories.
  • Create a content plan that works - including which content formats convert best for leads.
  • Develop and evaluate a content marketing strategy for your business.
  • Identify distribution options.
  • Figure out how to organize all this valuable information.


½ Day – Morning Session

  • Create a content strategy plan that you can implement immediately.
  • Develop three ideas for prospects and three content ideas for current customers.
  • Use a scorecard strategy for measuring return on a content strategy.
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Action Plan Lab

Are you looking for a better way to launch campaigns with Infusionsoft? Join us for this half day course where we’ll teach you the process we’ve created to launch campaigns fast – and you’ll walk out of the Lab with two campaigns fully built and launched.

The first campaign we’ll launch will be a Flash Sale campaign. This is a simple campaign designed to get sales from the existing contacts on your list. The second campaign is called a Collect and Offer campaign. This campaign is designed to collect leads by offering a lead magnet, then making an offer to purchase product or schedule an appointment with you.


½ Day – Afternoon Session

  • Learn the process we use to launch campaigns quickly.
  • Build, Test and Launch a Flash Sale Campaign.
  • Build, Test and Launch a Collect and Offer Campaign.
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Elite Hiring Lab

Avoid the hassle and expense of hiring the wrong person! The Elite Hiring Implementation Lab is primarily for 7-figure business owners who are trying to get to 8 figures. However, anyone who has hiring scar tissue should attend. Designed to increase your hiring success, this implementation lab will save you the time, money, headaches and heartache of bad hiring. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to on-board your new employees so they feel ownership and quickly perform at high levels.

This is NOT about legal advice or HR policies. This is about maximizing the return on your hiring investments.


½ Day – Afternoon Session

  • Three low-investment / high-return strategies to eliminate your hiring pains.
  • Bonus: Learn how to increase the performance of your new hires.
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