ICON Session Speaker

Abe Kashiwagi

Software Expert

Abe Kashiwagi is a certified IT project manager and Software Implementation Expert at Infusionsoft. He is a serial entrepreneur partnered with multiple companies and has over 8+ years of experience managing software projects. His exposure as a professional project manager and self-owned/Partnered business owner of NovaVita Naturals & KSM Inc. has given him the experience and business strategy needed to bring solid ROI to small businesses. He has been working at Infusionsoft for the last 2 years on an advanced software expert team that focuses/fulfills on fast project implementations, marketing consulting retainers and internal Infusionsoft consultant trainings. He is a catch all consultant that believes work should be fun and enjoyable.  He doesn’t work so he can afford to have fun, he works because it is fun! He loves what he does and supports all entrepreneurs who venture to live the same.

Tuesday, April 25th
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Sales Pipeline Setup & Strategy: Supercharge Your Sales Efforts
125 AB

You’ve mastered the basics of Infusionsoft’s campaign builder and know see the transformation that it has had on sales. Now it’s time to bring that same power to your sales representatives. Done right, sales pipeline automation with opportunities can help your reps stay organized, minimize transactions and maximize their efforts. This frees them up to focus on build long-lasting relationships with prospect and customers, resulting in more closed deals. Join Abe as he takes you on a detailed journey through sales pipeline “Opportunities” setup and stage automation inside of Infusionsoft.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the how to set up an effective sales pipeline that effectively compliments your company's sales processes
  • Disover automation techniques that will amplify your sales reps' time and efforts
  • Absorb best practices for building your pipeline, ensure your an optimum setup for your cycle