ICON Session Speaker

David Pinkus

VP of Software Engineering, Infusionsoft

David Pinkus is an experienced product and technology leader, as well as a self-described “data nerd.” Through the course of his career, he has successfully served as Chief Information, Innovation, Technology & Product Officers.  He’s currently lending his talents to Infusionsoft as VP of Engineering, where he leads a team of 70 Software Engineers, Scrum Masters and Data Scientists.

Prior to Infusionsoft, Mr. Pinkus was the Chief Innovation Officer for Fast Company’s 28th most innovative company, Western Governors University, the largest competency-based University in the US, based in Salt Lake City.  At WGU, he led a variety of student-success initiatives including working with the White House on how to integrate and fund Computer Science Boot Camps as part of a University curriculum. 

Prior to WGU, Mr. Pinkus worked on a neuroscience-based eLearning product that helps students learn faster and retain information longer.  Before that, he was in Scottsdale as the Chief Information Officer for Universal Technical Institute, which followed his time as a Google Site Director managing both a location and several projects related to billing and applicant tracking. 

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon, he started his career in Silicon Valley at Oracle, and after four years in Silicon Valley, spent 18 months backpacking around the world before moving to Arizona to start and build a VC-funded software company. 

He currently lives in Scottsdale with his wife, three sons, one daughter, a 60-lb sulcata tortoise, and six chickens.  Outside of work he enjoys hiking, cycling, international travel and building Ninja Warrior-like courses for his children who are avid parkourists. 

Thursday, April 27th
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Sale, Promotion or Offer - What Do Several Billion E-mail Messages Tell Us About Which Keywords to Use, When, & How? - Filmed
120 B, C

Our customers are constantly experimenting to see what types of e-mail subject lines and content result in more opens and eventually more conversions. What if you could look across literally billions of email messages, generated by tens of thousands of businesses, and identify the statistically significant phrases that actually move the needle on conversions? Join our VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist to learn when and how to use the right key words to amplify your results. The data we’ll present is based on random samples across current and previous Infusionsoft accounts, with no specific linking or attribution back to any individual application, product, customer or service. No individual customer’s data or secret sauce is identifiable as part of this analysis, or obviously will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the art and science of promoting a sale, with special attention to key words like chance, save, exclusive, offer, bonus, free, and others
  • Distinguish if, when, and how to personalize subject lines; learn whether an active or passive voice is more likely to inspire action
  • Become skilled in communicating a sense of urgency to your prospects – When and how to use keywords such as last, chance, approaching, running, limited, fast, hurry, deadline or expires