ICON Session Speaker

Dobbin Buck

VP of Business Development, GetUWired

Dobbin Buck is a Co-Owner of GetUWired Web Services, A Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer and the 2014 and 2015 Top Infusionsoft Partner in sales worldwide. For over 12 years, Dobbin and the team at GetUWired have been instrumental in helping small businesses succeed in their North Georgia Based Agency's Celebrated Cabin Headquarters.  GetUWired has been recently honored with Entrepreneur Magazines Top Company Culture award and was voted the 4th best company to work for in the state of Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine!

In Dobbin's 20+ year career, he has been integral in major projects for Disney Imagineering, Kenneth Cole, The Guggenheim Museum NYC, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, The Audubon Society, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, AT&T, NASA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to name a few.

Tuesday, April 25th
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Customer Success Story: A Game-Changing Partnership - Filmed
120 B, C

Have you ever had an idea but felt handcuffed because you didn't have the technical skills nor the time or resources to implement it? In this session you'll hear from Co-Founder and CEO of Virtuance Jeff Corn along with the Co-Owner of Get U Wired Dobbin Buck as they discuss the makings of a successful "Vendorship" that took Virtuance's business to the next level. Virtuance and GetUWired worked together to make Jeff's vision a reality by understanding that a Partnership is not a magic trick, but rather an unwavering commitment to success. The result for Virtuance has been a 6x increase in operational efficiency, allowing the company to scale exponentially while creating more opportunity for everyone involved. Come to this session to learn how to make sure that you don't let the tools in your box limit your thinking or your success!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how eliminating limiting beliefs is more impactful than any Infusionsoft Campaign will ever be
  • Hear the one sentence that changed Virtuance's business forever and know why all employees can repeat it in their sleep
  • See how Virtuance was able to increase their operational efficiency by 6x in order to scale by teaming with an Infusionsoft Partner