ICON Session Speaker

James Ashford

Ashford Enterprises Ltd

James Ashford is a published author of Selling to Serve and the leading authority in helping cloud accountants deliver maximum value to their clients on autopilot. He achieves this by implementing The 7 Systems™ he has developed which, are powered by Infusionsoft. James has been able to bring his wealth of expertise of working in the trenches with leading business owners, who he has helped to systemize their business using Infusionsoft. He has helped many businesses to scale, become franchises, improve efficiencies, provide maximum value and deliver incredible experiences to their clients… using Infusionsoft. He has now taken this knowledge and laser focused it towards cloud-based accountants who are emerging from providing a compliance function, to providing the full finance function of their clients. He has recognized that in order to deliver on this goal however, they MUST have the proven systems and automation in place…. which few have. Many accountants have attempted this using various technologies, but James is the first to have pioneered in delivering this across ENTIRE accountancy firm, via the might of Infusionsoft. James believes in sharing all he has learned and freely outlines the blueprints and key principles he employs in these systems.

Tuesday, April 25th
6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
How This UK Accountancy Firm Has Used Infusionsoft To Automate EVERYTHING
121 A, B, C

Infusionsoft was never intended to just be a marketing automation tool. It has the power to become a full business automation machine. Quit wasting your valuable time and resources and join James Ashford as he shares his blueprint of 7 Key Systems. Not just for accountancy firms, but lawyers and other service-based business will benefit from implementing these techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the 7 fundamental systems required to run any prosperous services based business
  • Optimize your sales and onboarding systems, saving valuable time and energy
  • Learn the ultimate reason to automate your business, and it's probably not what you think