ICON Session Speaker

Rochelle Ginsburg

Lifecycle Marketing, Ptex Group

Rochelle Ginsburg spent more than a decade helping businesses and nonprofit organizations develop their marketing strategy and organizational planning. From formulating a vision and solidifying core values, to determining efficient processes and expanding marketing reach, the approach has always been to do something more and do things better, while keeping expectations inspiring...and achievable.

Because when all is said and done, with all the great ideas out there, the best system to use is the one you actually use.

That's why Rochelle is so passionate about co-launching the new Lifecycle Marketing focus at Ptex Group with her parter-in-crime Nathan Weill, holding clients' hands through their business processes and customer communications, then automating it all with Infusionsoft for seamless scalability.

When she's not busy helping clients save time and money to focus on more important things, Rochelle continues to explore the world, visiting 31 countries (and counting) on six continents, authoring group projects for her Executive MBA, and volunteering as an EMT on an ambulance to help save lives on the side.

Tuesday, April 25th
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Customer Success Story: Quit Monkeying Around - Filmed
120 B, C

Do you ever feel like your business has so much potential but the needle isn't moving? Have you ever spent so much energy creating a marketing plan but it didn't yield the results you really wanted? This is how the nonprofit organization Bonei Olam felt before joining forces with Certified Partner Ptex Group as they prepared for their annual fundraising auction. Even before a single goal or sequence was mapped to a canvas, the two created a mega strategy that grew their efforts to $1.5 M in annual revenue. To think that less than 7% of all businesses ever achieve this feat. Ptex's secret? Think way beyond traditional marketing. Think Lifecycle Marketing. In this session, we reveal the truth behind how to combine online and traditional marketing strategies for maximum results. 

Learning Objectives:

  • See the campaigns and copy that unleashed this small business' potential

  • Learn how Lifecycle Marketing played an integral role in strategizing Bonei Olam's marketing processes

  • Unpack strategies for online and traditional marketing that will get you better results