ICON Session Speaker

Scott Desgrosseilliers

CEO, Wicked Reports

Scott Desgrosseilliers is the founder and CEO of Wicked Reports. Prior to founding Wicked Reports, Scott played a key role at Motorola where he architected enterprise intranet applications and led global programming teams. Scott brings a simple, common sense approach to the often overly-complex world of data-driven marketing. He passionately advocates tracking Customer Lifetime Value so companies can invest in marketing wisely.

Tuesday, April 25th
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Why You Fail to Scale: From "Spray and Pray Marketing" to Data Driven Decisions
120 A

When it comes to making important decisions, most businesses agree they would want to be data-driven, but very few are successful in accomplishing this. If your struggling to reach your next level of your growth, your answer may be right in front of you, buried in your data. Learn how to properly analyze your metrics to unlock the solutions that will help your business continue to grow. This session will show you real world examples of how data analyzation helped drive Facebook and email campaigns, with million dollar results!

Learning Objectives:

  • Don't be fooled, learn the email metrics that lead marketers astray
  • Unearth the surprising email metrics that will assist you in growing your revenue
  • Deploy techniques to track your ROI across all phases of the customer journey, including Facebook ads, email, and social